Frequently Asked Questions


When can I purchase a cable?

You can buy a cable from us any time! We do not operate on the Group Buy System, but on a continuous basis. For now; however, our artisan cables are closed until mid-Janurary to catch up on the massive amount of orders during the Winter 2020 period. Follow us on Instagram or Discord to get announcements.



What do the customization options on the ordering page refer to?

Navigate to the Artisan Cable page and scroll just under the “SOLD OUT” / “CHECK OUT” button to read the description for every option.


Is it possible for me to buy just an extra cable end to use on different keyboards?

Yes, we sell cables that contain only the device end of the cable. 




Will the Aviator detachable work with other cable maker's cables?

Possibly, see the cable wiring guide to ensure the cable you are pairing your Rose Cables with has the same layout.


I have a general idea of what keyboard and key cap set I want my cable to match but am not sure what options to do, is there anywhere I can go for help?

Join our Discord and post in #general channel to get our consult.


Cable/Order Support:

What is the best way to contact support?

Fastest and easiest way is through our Discord and through


When will I receive my cable purchase?

The turnaround time is approximately 2 months as of now. You should receive a tracking number through email and a text. If a tracking number was not provided during that time period, please join our Discord and contact support with your order number.


What do I do if my cable doesn't work?

Please join our Discord server and message persons with the "Support" tag or email us at


DIY Cable Kit:

Where do I go for help with my DIY cable kit?

On our Discord server, we have a community of people who are experienced with DIY kits who you can talk to and ask for advice or help.


Will other color detachables be eventually offered for DIY kits?

Yes, we are always looking forward to offering more colors in our DIY kits.


How do I wire my DIY kit?

It’s easy! Just follow our instructional DIY Wiring Guide.

DIY Wiring Guide
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